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Each of our buildings has a story to tell and all together they form an important monument of the Slovene traditional civil engineering and the way of living of the 19th century.

The central part of the museum is represented by Kegljevich's house from 1833 with a black kitchen.  Besides the house there is also a double drying-frame toplar, pigsty, outhouse – floor, well and outer lavatory. Each by itself they represent a certain type of national architecture, at the same time they bear witness of the local masters knowledge, materials and building technics of that period.

The potter's workshop is presented in Banich's house. Pottery was a characteristic trade of this area. At the same time Banich's house also functions as a museum shop, where you can buy nice hand made pottery gifts and typical souvenirs of Dolenjska region for yourself and your loved ones.
The Museum is open everyday by appointment. To arrange a visit contact us through the gate keeper at the Monastery, by telephone on 041 639191 or by email:

Entrance fee:

- adults: 4,00 €, groups of 10 people : 3,00 €

- children, schoolars, students: 3,00 €, groups of 10 people : 2,50 €

- family: 8,00 € ( 2 odults, 2 children, additional children for free)

Skansen Pleterje, Simon Udvanc s.p.
Drča 1
8310 Šentjernej

T: +386 7 30 81 050; GSM: +386 41 639 191; +386 70 43 42 41

Welcome in our Grandfather's times,
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